Shanahan Confronts Agitated Fans Over Intense Nylander Contract Talks

Dawson Mckenzie
December 6, 2023  (9:43)

Brendan Shanahan recently shared these words about Nylander's contract talks at the Leafs Board of Governors meeting, showing his thoughts on the negotiations.

Shanahan Not Concerned With Nylanders Impressive Season

William Nylander is the next big question for both Brad Treliving and Brendan Shanahan to figure out, as he is set to become a UFA this offseason and is playing lights out to start the year. Some fans are worried that Nylander is pricing himself out of Toronto. Even though the cap is expected to increase next season, there still might not be enough room for Nylander if he continues to play at this impressive pace.
Brendan Shanahan, speaking at the Board of Governors meeting, had this to say when asked about Nylander's play.
«If you are getting concerned because you have players on your team playing really good hockey, then you have to really check yourself.»

He went on to state how he won't get into the details of the negotiation, and that the focus is on every player getting better throughout the year in order to keep the team improving.
«I am not going to talk about the details of that, but the focus for all of us as a group and as individuals is to continue to improve. These close games and tight games can be a benefit to us as we come down [the stretch].»

Nylander Contract is One of Best In NHL Currently

The Leafs shouldn't be quick to worry about Nylander, as he currently sits on the best contract in all of the NHL. While, yes, it will expire by the end of the season, there is no better contract or rental that the Leafs could acquire in the league right now, in terms of pure goal-scoring talent. If this truly is the Leafs' year to win, this is almost exactly how you would want Nylander's contract year to work out.
"There were some discussions a week or so ago"

This morning on #FirstUp, @reporterchris gave us an update on where negotiations stand between William Nylander and #LeafsForever.

As for other parts of the roster, the Leafs certainly have some work to do. They should be able to make some moves before the deadline and will need to shore up their blueline if they want a chance at winning.
As seen on NHL Trade Talk - "Shanahan Calls Out Paranoid Fans Over Nylander Negotiations"
Shanahan Confronts Agitated Fans Over Intense Nylander Contract Talks

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