RUMOR: Maple Leafs in Active Search for a Suitable Replacement for William Nylander

Dawson Mckenzie
November 30, 2023  (4:30 PM)

With William Nylander actively pricing himself out of Toronto, a rumour has surfaced that they may be looking for his replacement.

NHL Insider Reveals Toronto's Plan To Potentially Move Nylander

There is no question about the fact that Toronto still has some moves left to be made in order to round up their roster for the playoffs. With their tight salary cap situation, though, this begs the question as to who they are willing to move.
Now, NHL insider Eklund is reporting that the Leafs are still considering moving William Nylander, as it was heavily rumoured this offseason. Nylander is undoubtedly on what is currently the best contract in the NHL. He is producing at an amazing clip, however, this could also be what drives him out of Toronto.
"A source confirmed to me that Florida, Ottawa and Toronto were all trying to land Patrick KaneThe same source tells me the Leafs are STILL aggressively looking for a top 6 forward

They continue to talk to teams about a top 6 forward, a player that would then enable them to move Nylander" - Eklund via Hockey Buzz

Nylander Pricing Himself Out of Toronto Which Could Lead to a Trade

Nylander currently sits at 27 points in 20 games for the Leafs. He is likely to cash in on an AAV of around $9.5-10.5 million. If the Leafs can afford it, they are likely to sign him.
However, if Brad Treliving is getting the sense that Nylander is going to garner higher offers than he can afford, he may be looking to trade him at the deadline for some longer-term assets. The tricky situation here is that Nylander is a player who performs in the playoffs, with 10 points in 11 playoff games last season.
I'm going get a lot flack I think
As constructed this team can't win
The D is too weak Goaltending isn't close
Trade Nylander He's amazing But it's doubtful the team can win without major improvements to the backend doubtful leaf's can fit him under the cap

The Leafs need this type of production in the playoffs, and trading Nylander would be a gamble signalling their self-doubt in their chances to go far this year.
As seen on House of Hockey - "RUMOR: Leafs Still Looking To Replace William Nylander"
RUMOR: Maple Leafs in Active Search for a Suitable Replacement for William Nylander

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