NHL Roasts the Maple Leafs in a Celebratory Connor McDavid Image

Published March 23, 2023 at 4:35 PM

Connor McDavid has managed to score 60 goals 2 seasons in a row. While Auston Matthews was able to accomplish this goal in 73 games, McDavid one upped Matthews by scoring 60 goals in 72 games. McDavid also has 10 more games left in the season to try and push to 70 goals.

McDavid has had an incredible season, but, the NHL still managed to use this accomplishment to poke fun at the Leafs

NHL Insults Toronto in a Celebratory McDavid Post

This morning, the official NHL Twitter account shared an image to honour McDavid for his accomplishment, which is pretty normal for any sports league to do. Check out the Tweet:

Seems like a pretty normal post until you look at the puck that is on McDavid's stick is a Toronto Maple Leafs puck.


This could have been a photoshopped logo on the puck to give a nod to Auston Matthews for his MVP season last year, or it could have been a shot at Matthews that McDavid accomplished the feat sooner. It is also possible that this is all a coincidence, and that the graphic designer happened to choose a picture with a Leafs puck in it.

It is interesting that this image was used and displayed last night, when Edmonton played against Arizona, this was the game where McDavid scored his 60th goal. Edmonton did not use a photo from a home game, which seems odd considering that his 60th goal was in Edmonton.

Some fans believe there is some sort of conspiracy, some believe that the NHL does not favour the Leafs, and that this picture is just another slap in the face. Some fans think that the officiating at games is unfair towards the Leafs, despite how much the Leafs help with bankrolling the struggling teams, like Arizona or Carolina.

Sometimes people need to take a step back and remember that the simplest explanation is often the correct one. An away game photo was most likely chosen due to the fact that from a graphic design standpoint would have been harder to work with, and that the away game that was chosen happened to be a game against Toronto.

As seen on Mapleleafsinsider - NHL takes a cheap shot at the Leafs with image of McDavid to celebrate his 60th goal
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NHL Roasts the Maple Leafs in a Celebratory Connor McDavid Image

Was this a deliberate shot at Toronto?

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