Morgan Rielly Shares His True Thoughts on new Leaf John Klingberg

James Connelly
August 19, 2023  (11:35)

In a recent interview, Morgan Reilly shared his feelings on the Leafs' newest defenseman.

Leafs Sign Klingberg

This past offseason has been quite busy for the Maple Leafs. Between all of their signings, losses, and contract negotiations, the city of Toronto has a lot to keep up with.
Klingberg comes with a major offensive kick and can move the puck like few other defensemen do.
Last season was a bit difficult for Klingberg which saw him score only 33 points in 67 games which is a step behind his numbers from his time in Dallas where he was a consistent 50+ point pace player.

Reilly Comments On The Klingberg Signing

In a recent interview, 13-year-old Jake's Takes on YouTube spoke to Morgan Reilly and asked him his thoughts on the decision to sign Klingberg.
"He's an amazing player, uh, incredibly skilled and smooth. Um, he has a calmness, uh, to him, uh, so I can't wait to play with him. I think he's going to be, um, a great, uh, a great player for us. Um, you know, his big strength is playing the power play. Um, and so if he's able to do that for us, that would be outstanding because I've watched him when he played for Dallas and obviously last year in Anaheim. And then, uh, played for the Wild, um, he has an amazing ability with the puck and, especially on the power play. So if he's able to help us in that area that's going to be amazing." - Morgan Reilly on John Klingberg

With the Leafs having one of the most dominant powerplays in the NHL, we could see Reilly and Klingberg split time on the first unit but both are definitely deserving of getting a shot.
With all of these additions, the Leafs will be looking to finally bring the Stanley Cup home and if everything pans out, the Leafs could certainly win it all with Reilly and Klingberg both playing major roles in the victory.
Watch the entire 17-minute Morgan Reilly interview here: Leafs star Morgan Rielly joins 13 year old Jake to talk some hockey!!!!
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Morgan Rielly Shares His True Thoughts on new Leaf John Klingberg

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