Morgan Rielly Finally Reveals His True Feelings About Kyle Dubas' Departure

James Connelly
August 18, 2023  (8:04 PM)

The number one Maple Leafs defenseman has commented on Kyle Dubas' departure in a recent interview.

Rielly's Tell All Interview

In a recent interview, 13-year-old Jake's Takes on YouTube spoke to Morgan rielly and asked some questions many Leafs fans were wondering.
One of the questions he asked stuck out and that was how Reilly felt about the departure of Kyle Dubas, one of the most liked GMs in all of the NHL.
Reilly had quite a well-thought-out response:
Jake: "What do you think about Dubas leaving? Were you like expecting that, or was that..."

Rielly: "Um, I wasn't expecting it but I've gotten used to being surprised, I'll say. Um, I think my first few years when players got traded or, uh, obviously teammates but also friends when they leave, you know, you're taken aback. And then, you know, you just get used to a new reality type thing. Um, and I think that was the case with Kyle leaving, him. Um, so we don't spend too much time really worrying about it or thinking about it now. Um, we're just onward, and, you know, we're thinking about the next thing. And, uh, our group is outstanding. And, uh, I spent time with Brad and with Keefer and all the staff, and I think we're in a great spot. So, at this point, we're just trying to look forward, and we're pumped about where we're at and what's going on. So, I think everybody feels good now, which is really all that matters."

Rielly Looks Ahead


With the 2022-23 season in the past and Dubas now with the Penguins, Reilly, and the Leafs are looking ahead. Brad Treliving has gone out and acquired many top players like John Klingberg, Tyler Bertuzzi, and Max Domi who will all be able to aid the Leafs in their quest for the cup.
With a revamped and more physical team, the Leafs seem primed for a playoff run and have a fantastic chance at bringing the cup home for the first time since 1967.
Watch the entire 17-minute interview here: Leafs star Morgan Rielly joins 13 year old Jake to talk some hockey!!!!
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Morgan Rielly Finally Reveals His True Feelings About Kyle Dubas' Departure

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