Maple Leafs Top Prospect Compared To 50+ Goal Scorer

Published March 10, 2023 at 1:10 PM

Matthew Knies is a highly talented prospect, but it's hard to find a direct comparison for him. When compared to other players in the Leafs' lineup, such as Nylander, Matthews, or Robertson, it becomes clear that Knies has a unique set of skills.

With a unique combination of size, skill, physicality, and shooting prowess, Knies stands out as the ultimate two-way forward. His offensive capabilities are impressive; he can score from long range, off the rush, and in the front of the net. Not only is he a complete package in terms of offense, but he also excels defensively, making him an invaluable asset to his team. Hee plays a crucial role in the University of Minnesota's penalty-killing unit, adding yet another dimension to his already impressive game.

Knies Compared To Rangers' Kreider


Kreider is a physical winger who is adept at scoring from in tight, much like Knies. Their NCAA numbers reveal striking similarities, with Knies having slightly better college scoring rates than Kreider in terms of both goals and points per game.

You can see all of Knies' goals in the video below:

As a comparison, here's some of Kreider's goals:

Maple Leafs fans have good reason to have high hopes for Knies.

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Maple Leafs Top Prospect Compared To 50+ Goal Scorer

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