Maple Leafs Analyst Makes Surprising Statement on Mitch Marner Upsetting William Nylander Fans

Graham Montgomery
December 15, 2023  (8:47)

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The Leafs 'core-four' has been a highly contentious topic of discussion throughout the hockey world, but especially among Leafs fans. There are those that will go to great lengths to defend the players, while others think that one of them, if not more than one, should be moved for the overall health of the team. Today, NHL analyst Nick Kypreos added more fuel to this fire of a discussion.

Kypreos Believes Maple Leafs Will Trade Nylander Over Marner

The NHL insider was asked what he thinks will happen to the Leafs if they lose in disappointing fashion in the playoffs again. He believes that one of the core-four players will have to be moved in such an instance.
"One of them will have to go, I honestly believe that, for me, Mitch Marner is more of a complete player than Willy Nylander. He might not be totally naturally talented as Willy and everybody needs a Willy Nylander in the lineup but not to the expense, where you short-changed your blue-line."

Marner A Better All Around Player Than Nylander?

Kypreos went on to say though that Marner may be the more valuable trade asset. As a result, if the Leafs do end up trying to move one of their core four guys, perhaps it will make more sense for the team to move on from Marner.
"I would keep Mitch Marner but in saying that I really believe that with Mitch Marner - with 1 more year left on his deal - he might bring you a higher return if you traded him, he might bring one or two top-4 defense, he might bring you top blue-chip prospects. I think the package to get more back is in the hands of a Mitch Marner than it is a Willy Nylander but for a 200-foot player, the one that has a conscious for being third man high, or coming back hard to defend, for me it's Mitch Marner all day long that I want to keep."

That being said, not all Leafs fans are as sold on Marner's 200 foot game this season.
You can see the entire interview with Kypreos below.

As seen on Popular analyst reveals his surprising take on Mitch Marner that may tick off William Nylander fans
Maple Leafs Analyst Makes Surprising Statement on Mitch Marner Upsetting William Nylander Fans

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