Luke Schenn Discusses His Feelings About Returning to Toronto

Wade Messier
May 24, 2023  (9:12 PM)

One of the more heartwarming storylines this season was the reunion between Luke Schenn and the Toronto Maple Leafs. The veteran blueliner made it clear that he was grateful for his return, but after the season was officially done for the Leafs, he reflected on it a bit more.

Schenn Talks About Contract Extension

It seems like Luke Schenn has two obvious options this summer. He can re-sign with Toronto, or return back to Vancouver where he was traded from. While he would love either option, Schenn is a logistical thinker and may prefer Toronto given Vancouver's strength at right-handed defensemen. He said the following in an interview recently.
I've always enjoyed my time in Vancouver, obviously that's why I signed there a second time. Obviously a passionate fanbase, I've always been treated really fairly by the fanbase, by the media and the organization's great.

I loved my time in Toronto as well too, and that's who I'm under contract with for the next little bit. But looking back on my career, I definitely had some great memories in Vancouver and it's always been a special place to me, being a Kelowna guy in the summertime and following the Canucks and being the team in BC where everyone follows, it's been a special place, but who the heck knows what their plans are and obviously like I said, I really enjoyed things in Toronto and we'll see where that shakes itself out first.

I couldn't have gone to a better spot as far as my family getting taken care of. Kyle Dubas was unbelievable in helping and making sure everyone was taken care of, and their assistance to just make sure everything was lined up, and they kind of really took the stress off things. - Luke Schenn

While Schenn made it clear he loves Vancouver and how he was treated during his time there, and he acknowledges his family is a factor he has to consider, he would be open to returning to Toronto.
Toronto's fanbase was clear with their love for Schenn, and he certainly had some big movements in the playoffs this year. It would make sense for the Maple Leafs to want Schenn back, but Schenn will likely wait on a decision from Vancouver first.
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Luke Schenn Discusses His Feelings About Returning to Toronto

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