Leafs Prospects Career In Jeopardy If He Does Not Sign A Contract Today

James Connelly
August 14, 2023  (1:15 PM)

A Leafs prospect is in danger of having his hockey career cut short if he does not sign a contract soon.

O'Connell's Career In Danger

In 2017 the Toronto Maple Leafs took a 7th-round swing on Ryan O'Connell with the hopes of him developing into an NHL defenseman. Six years later, O'Connell's hockey career may already be over.
His rights to the Maple Leafs expire tomorrow and with there being no word on him receiving a contract, O'Connell may wind up not having a professional hockey career.
In his 5 year NCAA career, O'Connell has played for Ohio St. and Michigan Tech. In four years with Ohio State, O'Connell played 117 games for the Buckeyes and scored only 25 points. He spent his final year with Michigan Tech where he played 35 games and only registered 3 assists.
He currently has not signed a professional contract anywhere and may be done with hockey.

Other Unsigned Prospects The Leafs Could Target

There are a few prospects whose rights expire tomorrow and it opens up a new realm of possibilities for who the Leafs could sign.
Of the players on this list, the Leafs could target the following players:
3. John Farinacci

Last season, Farinacci captained Harvard's hockey team. He was originally a 3rd round pick of the Arizona Coyotes but has let the team know that he will not be signing with them.
He scored 20 points in 19 NCAA games last season and could make the jump to the NHL next year.
2. Robert Mastrimone

Last season, Mastrimone transferred from Boston University to play with the Arizona State Sun Devils. He was originally a 2nd round pick of the Red Wings in 2019 but has not signed a contract anywhere yet.
In 38 games last year, Mastrimone recorded 42 points leading ASU in points.
1. Jay O'Brien

The highest-drafted prospect that has gone unsigned is Jay O'Brien. Originally selected 19th overall in 2018, O'Brien will not be signing a contract with the Philadelphia Flyers.
Last year for Boston University O'Brien scored 8 goals and 32 points in 39 games.
While his numbers are worse than Farinacci and Mastrimoni, O'Brien has the most potential and if he is given Toronto's facilities, he may wind up becoming a top-six forward for the Leafs if they sign him.
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Leafs Prospects Career In Jeopardy If He Does Not Sign A Contract Today

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