Insider Provides Crucial Update on Kyle Dubas and the Toronto Maple Leafs

Curtis Hubscher
May 18, 2023  (12:16)

The Toronto Maple Leafs early exit in the playoffs again this year has caused some uncertainty around the organization, from players all the way to the top executives.

General Manager Kyle Dubas dropped some bombs at his end of season media availability, saying nothing is off the table in terms of trading players, but also that he might not even return. The 2022-23 season seemed to have been an extremely difficult one for him and his family, Dubas repeated many times. He is a family man first and foremost, and that will go in to his decision making of whether he comes back.
But now, it looks like he might not even be able to make that decision, Chris Johnston says:
"I know a lot of people around the situation, and there's more and more thought that he might not be the GM of the Leafs moving in to next season."

After many disappointing losses in the playoffs, he might have finally lost the trust of the owners of the Leafs.

Blow It All Up ?

This could be the start of a total blow up of the team, or just some fixing here and there. Most are saying a major piece needs to be moved. Meaning one of Matthews, Marner, Nylander or Tavares is gone.
Who replaces Dubas if they don't bring him back ? It could be Brandon Pridham, the assistant general manager, or they bring someone else in. What is almost certain is that if Dubas is gone, Keefe is gone as well. The only reason he hasn't been fired is because he is Dubas' right hand man. From an outside perspective though, Keefe has had extremely good rosters, and done nothing with them. Coaches have been fired for way less.
All this to say, major change is coming to the Leafs, very soon.
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Insider Provides Crucial Update on Kyle Dubas and the Toronto Maple Leafs

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