Four Factors That Will Determine Auston Matthews' Future as a Maple Leaf

Wade Messier
May 23, 2023  (9:00)

Auston Matthews' future plans have been a hot topic of conversation over the past few days, and with the uncertainty at an all-time high, fans want some reassurance. Hopefully, some of these factors will influence Matthews' to remain in Toronto.

Matthews' Tight Bond With Leafs Roster

Over the course of Auston Matthews' professional career, he has been through plenty of losses and heartbreak with the Maple Leafs. This shared experience with close friends such as William Nylander, Mitch Marner, and John Tavares has brought them closer as a group.
The "Core Four" have the same common goal, and it could sway Matthews to remain a Leaf in order to chase that Cup. How awesome would it be to see Tavares hand the Cup off to Matthews, who hands it over to Marner, then Nylander?

Auston's All Grown Up

Long gone are the days when everyone saw Auston Matthews as a pimply little kid, and he's now a full-grown adult. His off-ice antics have gone away, and the young superstar has committed himself to his craft.
This newfound maturity could be what the Leafs need in a leader to help them get past their demons.

Matthews Has Cemented His Identity in This League

As the years have gone by, Matthews has built his own, very unique brand, that he isn't afraid to show. His self-confidence and trailblazing attitude have only reinforced his status as one of the league's superstars, and he has fully embraced the role.
Perhaps if the Leafs want to win, they need to let Matthews fully take over when he's on the ice, and impact the game like other superstars do.

Matthews is a Leader

Matthews knows what winning a Stanley Cup would mean to the city of Toronto, and he knows that if he's the one to lead them there, he will forever be a legend in their eyes. Through all the shared pain this group has dealt with, Matthews has a chance to rise above it all and lead them to that Stanley Cup Final win.
Matthews' desire to win is a trait you want your players to have, and it certainly helps that he can core 60 goals in a season. The Leafs would be foolish to let him go.
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Four Factors That Will Determine Auston Matthews' Future as a Maple Leaf

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