Former NHL Star Rumoured to be Succeeding Shanahan as Leafs President

Wade Messier
May 18, 2023  (8:10 PM)

What a news day it's been for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and it just seems to keep getting better! With rumors circulating about general manager Kyle Dubas, and the roster players themselves, we now have whispers regarding Leafs president Brendan Shanahan.

Spezza to Take Over For Shanahan?

Well, wouldn't this be quite a surprise!
Jason Spezza, who's still relatively early into his retirement from the NHL, could now see an extended role with the Leafs as their President in the event of Shanahans's departure. Having already been named Assistant GM, it wouldn't be too outrageous for Spezza to get yet another big promotion so quickly.
The Hockey News writer David Alter had some interesting notes on this front, and it would certainly spice up this off-season.
If management is about to change, it'd be wise for Maple Leafs President Brendan Shanahan or the board at MLSE to lean on Spezza to get the best feel for how to move forward.

Spezza's eye for talent and established relationships with players throughout Toronto's system are valuable and something the Leafs will want to keep, even if they decide to blow it up. It's the same player who spearheaded efforts to create a fund to help the club's AHL team collect some extra money due to pandemic losses.

This season, Spezza has spent every day absorbing many different roles. Known by his peers as a hockey nerd, he's aware of just about every player of the game at every level. When he wasn't at the World Juniors evaluating talent, he was in the trenches with Dubas and the rest of the management team, attending games both home and road and providing valuable insight. Not just from someone who 'played the game' but someone who knows the group. - David Alter

Credible Sources?

One writer stating something can usually just be written off as a rumor, but when more insiders start to reinforce a notion, then it starts to gain some credibility.
Michael Traikos, another NHL insider, added his own thoughts to this Spezza rumor, and it seems to confirm the suspicions.
With all these potential changes coming to Toronto this season, we could see an entirely different organization, from management to players!
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Former NHL Star Rumoured to be Succeeding Shanahan as Leafs President

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