Fans Get Angry at Auston Matthews for a Ridiculous Reason

Published March 31, 2023 at 11:07

The Toronto Maple Leafs, as one of the most popular professional sports teams globally, often attract criticism from fans of rival teams. The Boston Bruins, a heated rival of the Leafs, are always eager to find ways to bring the Leafs down.

Fans Angry After Matthews Spat During Canadian Anthem

Recently, a Bruins fan expressed his displeasure on social media about an incident involving Auston Matthews during the Canadian National Anthem. While we should approach this cautiously given that the source is a Bruins fan, it appears that Matthews' actions during the Anthem are being misconstrued as disrespectful. Before Wednesday's game against the Panthers, Matthews was caught on video spitting on the ice—a common habit among hockey players.

It's clear that Matthews did not intend any disrespect towards Canada, where he has spent the last seven years of his career and lives for a significant part of the year. His action was simply an unconscious habit that many players share.

Despite speculation from various fanbases that Matthews is eager to leave Canada, he has repeatedly expressed his affection for Toronto. During the All-Star break, he opted to stay in Canada (in February) while others vacationed in tropical destinations.

Criticizing actions based on observations is one thing, but fabricating a false narrative to provoke Leafs fans is another. Matthews did not disrespect the Canadian National Anthem, and this Bruins fan should consider taking a step back and putting things in perspective.

As reported by Maple Leafs Insider - Bruins fan tries to vilify Auston Matthews for the most ridiculous reason
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Fans Get Angry at Auston Matthews for a Ridiculous Reason

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