Connor Mcdavid joining the Toronto Maple Leafs is Now More Likely to Happen According to Recent Report

Dawson Mckenzie
November 13, 2023  (3:04 PM)

According to this recent report, Connor McDavid joining the Toronto Maple Leafs isn't as small of a possibility as some had previously thought.

McDavid's Love of Toronto Could Bring Him to the Leafs in 2026

There is no question that the Oilers' current struggles are causing speculation as to whether or not Connor McDavid will want to stay in Edmonton long-term. The team has yet to have meaningful success beyond last year's playoff run, and is now following that up with a flop to start the year when many predicted they could be Stanley Cup champions.
Although it is early, many are speculating on whether or not McDavid will leave Edmonton when his contract is up in 2026. His affinity for Toronto has Leaf fans foaming at their mouths that he could end up in the Blue and White. McDavid has spoken about his love for Toronto in the past.
"I could feel that a little bit. It's fun. It's fun to play in Toronto. You know, obviously, I'm a little bit biased. I'm a Toronto kid. But I strongly consider Toronto to be kind of the Mecca of hockey. I really do. Just with all the media and the fans and, obviously, the history of the Leafs. So I like watching Pittsburgh for obvious reasons. And I'm probably going to get in trouble for saying this (chuckles) but I like watching the Leafs just with all the talent they have. Those are probably my top two."

Leafs Will Have Cap Space in 2026 But Is it Enough to Get McDavid

The Lefas are currently severely constrained with regards to cap space, and with a deal still needing to be done for William Nylander, that doesn't look like it will get any better in the near future. However, John Tavares' contract is set to expire in 2026, which will give the Leafs 11 million to work with.
This is a great baseline that keeps the door open for the Leafs to pursue McDavid. The Leafs are well known for pursuing the top tier of talent, and that will likely continue when McDavid becomes available.
As seen on Hockey Unplugged - "Connor McDavid's Signing With The Toronto Maple Leafs Just Became More Likely"
Connor Mcdavid joining the Toronto Maple Leafs is Now More Likely to Happen According to Recent Report

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