Insider Reveals How Zadorov's Trade Request Shook Up Negotiations and Could Lead the Leafs to a Bigger Deal with the Flames

Tom Banks
November 13, 2023  (1:50 PM)

Over the weekend, the Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs met in a very fun encounter, and after the game, things got even more intriguing as defenseman Nikita Zadorov officially requested a trade from Calgary.

Toronto has been linked to Nikita Zadorov and other Flames

After the breaking news on social media, TSN's Chris Johnston linked the 6-foot-6, 248 pound defenseman to the Maple Leafs, and speculation has been running rampant ever since.
Now, Darren Dreger has gone further into detail on the situation, revealing how much the public trade request may actually hurt Zadorov and the Maple Leafs in negotiations.
"Well look, again, he's an attractive piece for Toronto, Vancouver, I know the New Jersey have expressed some interest, because of what we can see. He's enormous, he's a very physical defenseman. The problem you might have, though - and this is my understanding - is that he thinks he's a top-3, top-2 defenseman and I don't think he is. I think he's comfortable in your second [pairing], well even as your third [pairing], as a #5D, then you're in pretty good shape.

Brad Treliving, the general manager, has been around this man a long time. He knows him well and probably knows how to get him going. I don't think it helped the process, though, to amplify it the way that it amplified on Friday, because now it turns into a spectacle."

An even bigger deal incoming between Canadian rivals?

Dreger went into further detail on what could be happening between the two, revealing that their interest in veteran Chris Tanev alongside Zadorov could lead to an even bigger blockbuster between the two, with either Fraser Minten or Easton Cowan potentially involved.
"You know what? If you're trading for both [Zadorov and Chris Tanev], again, I don't know what salary you need to move out - it's pretty obvious, you just do the math on it - I think it takes one of your kids. I think it's a Minten or a Cowan or something like that. Maybe [Nick Robertson] is a part of it as well.

Nicky Robertson is playing well for the Maple Leafs on that third line, he's got chemistry now with [Max] Domi, but he's been a slow-developing piece, so there's no guarantee that he's going to be a full-time NHL player, but he'd be one that would be in the conversation I would think."

Ultimately, this trade situation could make or break the future and the present of the Toronto Maple Leafs, but if they believe getting two talented, physical defenseman in Tanev and Zadorov gives them what they need to make a Stanley Cup run, expect them to spare no expense.
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Insider reveals how Zadorov's public trade request impacted trade talks; Leafs looking at a larger deal with the Flames?
Insider Reveals How Zadorov's Trade Request Shook Up Negotiations and Could Lead the Leafs to a Bigger Deal with the Flames

Which of these teams will land Zadorov?

Toronto52769 %
Vancouver739.6 %
New Jersey8210.7 %
Other8210.7 %
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