Brad Treliving and Toronto Maple Leafs May Exploit LTIR Loophole to Escape Another Horrible Contract

James Connelly
November 17, 2023  (1:17 PM)

The Toronto Maple Leafs have made some questionable signings and could now be looking at the LTIR to get some salary relief.

The Infamous Robidas Island

The Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the most notorious teams for sending their players to the LTIR. Since they did it to defenseman Stephane Robidas, the LTIR has been known as Robidas Island. The reason why it has this special name is that normally when a Leaf gets sent to Robidas Island, they do not come back.
Since Robidas' initial placement on the LTIR, many other expensive Leafs have been sent to the LTIR never to play again. Amongst these are Joffery Lupel, Jake Muzzin, Jared Cowan, and currently Matt Murray.
While others may view it as suspicious, it is often to the benefit of the players as it allows them to rest and have time to heal and it improves the quality of life. However, these men are competitive and always want to take to the ice.

Leafs To Use Robidas Island Again

While Matt Murray is currently on the LTIR, there is chatter of the Leafs potentially putting a second player on the LTIR, John Klingberg. The Swedish defenseman revealed some troubling news earlier and it could hint at him missing a lot of time.
It's always been there throughout my career, but I've been able to deal with it.... It kind of hit a rock bottom here these last few weeks.

The LTIR plan for Klingberg seems pretty real suddenly. Thought it was tinfoil hat stuff .. The last 2 wins gave the Buds some breathing space. Let it ride a bit. If Klingberg can't go, it's pretty clear what will happen. Will make any trade a lot easier/cheaper to make.

Klingberg was a popular guy for questions today and seemed upbeat. I know people are rolling their eyes about the potential of LTIR but he's skating and trying to play. If it comes to that, it comes to that, but for now he wants to be healthy and playing.

Klingberg is unfortunately missing out on playing in the Global Series in his homeland but hopefully he can get healthy enough to continue playing otherwise he will have to go on the LTIR and end his Leafs career prematurely.
As seen on Blade of Steel - Toronto Maple Leafs could be planning to use LTIR loophole to get out of another bad contract
Brad Treliving and Toronto Maple Leafs May Exploit LTIR Loophole to Escape Another Horrible Contract

Will Klingberg go on the LTIR before the end of the season?

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No5512.4 %
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