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BREAKING: Former Maple Leafs Officially Gets Released By New Team

Published January 24, 2024 at 9:23

A former member of the Toronto Maple Leafs blew his chance with his new team and is now looking to join a new organization.

Former NHLer Gets Released by his Team in the SM-Liiga


The former top-10 pick and 481-game veteran Nick Ritchie decided to join Parpat in the SM-Liiga earlier this season after an eight-year career in the NHL.

When Ritchie joined the Finnish league, he was expected to score a lot of points, but that didn't happen. Now, in 10 games, he has only five points and recently received an eight-game suspension.

Karpat's sports director, Mikko Myllykoski, explained the team's decision:

"Kärpät cannot offer Ritchie a big enough role in the team for the rest of the season, so he is free to look for a place to play elsewhere. When he came up, we knew he was a high risk/high reward style card that we thought was worth a look. However, he was not able to rise to the role that we would have needed him to play."

The former NHLer can now officially start to look for a new place to play hockey. Do you think a return in the NHL is possible for Ritchie?

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BREAKING: Former Maple Leafs Officially Gets Released By New Team

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