Auston Matthews Explains His Recent Struggles

Published March 15, 2023 at 5:00 PM

After ending last season with 60 goals, and winning the Rocket Richard, Ted Lindsay and the Hart Trophies, some fans say that Matthews is having a bad season this year. Before tonight's game against Colorado, Matthews has 31 goals and 36 assists, tying Matthews for 27th in the league for points.

Matthews does not care about personal stats

During this season, Matthews has missed three weeks at the end of January due to a sprained knee. Upon returning, he took some time to warm back up, but Matthews is currently on a three game streak of scoring a goal a game, tonight could be game four of this streak. Matthews has also recorded 6 points over the three game span. These stats are noticeably different from last season, but Matthews has stated that as long as the team is doing well, he does not mind his personal stats.

Matthews has certainly improved his defensive game this season, he leads the all forwards in the league in blocked shots, and is on his way to a career-high number of hits. Matthews has managed to improve his game, and nearly score 40 goals while playing with an injury.

In the end, the team should be the priority, as long as the Leafs are having a good season, why bother stressing about individual stats?

As seen on Mapleleafsinsider - Matthews reveals that lower production while he battled an injury has weighed on him
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Auston Matthews Explains His Recent Struggles

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