Auston Matthews Accused Of Intentionally Harming His Teammate

Published March 10, 2023 at 1:37 PM

A TikTok account has made an allegation that Auston Matthews deliberately sabotaged a fellow teammate, causing them to sustain an injury.

Did Auston Matthews Try to Injure Ryan O'Reilly?

The crew of the TikTok account Empty Netters has accused Auston Matthews of orchestrating a hit on Ryan O'Reilly, claiming that it was done 'accidentally on purpose'.

@empty.netters CP coming in HOT with a big time tinfoil hat theory on the Toronto 'Broken Finger -Gate" situation. Is it possible this was calculated?! 🥅 #nhl #hockey #podcast #newepisode #torontomapleleafs #austonmatthews #ryanorielly #conspricytheroy #tinfoilhat ♬ original sound - Empty Netters

It's impossible to know if the accusation made by "Empty Netters" on TikTok is true, but it appears to be a baseless and far-fetched.

This is especially given the fact that Matthews is often regarded as a highly respected and supportive teammate. It's unlikely that he would intentionally harm a fellow teammate in any way.

Source: Habs Fanatics
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Auston Matthews Accused Of Intentionally Harming His Teammate

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