Another Proof Emerges that the Leafs made a Big Mistake Firing Dubas

Julien Trekker
May 26, 2023  (9:17)

Another Proof Emerges that the Leafs made a Big Mistake Firing Dubas

Over his reign with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Dubas always knew how to silence his detractors. Many times he made moves that even those who constantly criticized him had to agree with.
This past season, all the trades he made at the deadline show that he's ready to make the big decisions to improve his team.
He made another exemplary gesture that went under the radar. Now that he's not working anymore, stories like this are only starting to come out, painting a clear portrait of his true personality.

Dubas Made a Nice Gesture to Leafs' Employees Before He Left

This past season was marked by uncertainty for Dubas. Throughout the year, he focused on the team while rumors floated around him that he may not come back next season.
Before he left, he gave one-, two-, or three-year contracts to some of the employees he hired in the last five years he has been GM.
Jonas Siegel of The Athletic reported the story.
A staff member declined his contract offer, fearing this uncertain year wouldn't end well. But Dubas insisted: "Take the security, protect your family."
He provided them with security for their families and themselves.
"Don't worry about me," he told his employees. "I'll be OK."

The big-picture decisions matter, of course. But the little things that remain in the shadows show the true colors of someone. Dubas was a genuinely good person. He truly cared about his staff but always knew how to put the team's interests first.
At his age, if he chooses to, Dubas could work in the NHL for a long time. He's proven that he can do the job well and create a positive atmosphere. And he did it in Toronto, where some would collapse under the pressure. He'll be ready to face any challenges that arise. Then, Shanahan will be sorry.
As reported by The Athletic - Confusion and hurt ripples through Maple Leafs in wake of Kyle Dubas' dismissal
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Another Proof Emerges that the Leafs made a Big Mistake Firing Dubas

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