All Signs Suggests The Toronto Maple Leafs Are On The Verge of Trading This Defenseman

Graham Montgomery
November 16, 2023  (5:42 PM)

When the Leafs acquired John Klingberg this offseason, they probably envisioned him running the top power play unit and putting up lots of goals and points. Instead they've gotten one of the worst defenders in the league who can occasionally get an assist. Now the team is in an odd situation where they may be looking to move on from him just a few games into his tenure with the team.

Toronto Maple Leafs Being Very Secretive About Klingberg's Status

The Leafs have been very secretive with Klingberg, an odd move considering they just acquired him. Nick Gosse from Leafs Digest explained the situation.
"The situation is so strange. Sheldon Keefe... was asked to elaborate on the John Klingberg injury situation. He refused to do so. He was supposed to be healthy a while ago and now he's traveling to Sweden but won't play with the team supposedly tomorrow. Are they holding him out for a trade? Are they holding him out because they don't want him on the ice because he's been horrible? Is the injury even real? Is it fake? All these questions are circulating and the situation is just getting super, super strange."

The Leafs have been struggling defensively this season as their blueline, which was thin to begin the season, has suffered multiple injuries. The team's cap situation makes it difficult for the team to work around the issue as well. Leading the way in terms of poor defensive play has been John Klingberg. The 31-year-old defenseman has been one of the worst defender in the entire league this year and it shows.

Klingberg 'Precariously Close' To Not Being On The Maple Leafs Anymore

The Leafs signed defenseman John Klingberg to a one-year 4 million dollar contract this offseason and now we know why they were not willing to give him more term. It seems that that team does not want to commit to him and they are already looking to move on from the veteran blueliner after a disappointing start with the team.
"I think he's precariously close to not being on the team anymore."

@mirtle & @JDBunkis weigh in on the Maple Leafs' plan for John Klingberg.

Toronto Maple Leafs Holding Klingberg Out For Potential Trade Reasons?

Leafs fans are tired of this game of cat and mouse the Leafs are playing with Klingberg. Nick Gosse from Leafs Digest does not speak for all Leafs fans, but he does raise some good points. Klingberg's injury status is at least a little bit suspicious. Especially with trade rumors surrounding Klingberg.
"In theory, who knows what's happening with Klingberg? All I do know is that this situation is getting weird. It's getting sketchy. It's getting scary a little bit if you're a Leafs fan, because I would rather at least see him play... But with all the rumors going around that he could be getting traded and could be getting traded very, very soon, that begs the question of how injured is he actually? Or is a trade incoming with John Klingberg to the Calgary Flames or another team, depending on how they want to shore up that defensive line?"

The Leafs will have to come up with something big if they want to move on from Klingberg this season. His value is likely negative given his cap hit and performance over the past two seasons. Regardless, we will just have to wait and see what they do with him. They cannot keep him out with a phantom injury forever if that really is what is happening.
All Signs Suggests The Toronto Maple Leafs Are On The Verge of Trading This Defenseman

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