Jon Cooper gets brutally honest on his controversial sexist comments

Aaron Itovitch
May 1, 2024  (2:29 PM)

Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Jon Cooper at his end-of-season press conference
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While Jon Cooper's press conference today was meant to celebrate his extension as coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning, it was overshadowed by his controversial comments.

I'm told #GoBolts HC Jon Cooper had signed an extension and is under contract through the 2025-26 season.

After the Tampa Bay Lightning were eliminated by the Florida Panthers earlier this week, Jon Cooper was flamed for his misogynistic and demeaning comments toward women:
"We might has well put skirts on them then... I think we're letting the goalies off the hook."

Jon Cooper went full South Park Sarcastaball. The goalie interference calls are getting out of hand.

Today, at his end-of-season press conference, he addressed these comments in a heartfelt manner:
Jon Cooper opened his press conference by apologizing for his goalies wearing skirts comments. «Quite frankly, it was wrong.» Said it has pained him more than the series loss. Especially with daughters at home. Wishes he could go back in time and take it back.

While the series loss was difficult, it is surprising to hear that his week has been more focused on these controversial comments due to the media firestorm:
Jon Cooper opens his presser addressing the «girls in skirts» comment from Monday night.

He says this has been harder than the loss. #GoBolts

Jon Cooper has been praised now for the honesty and self-reflection in his apology:
you don't often hear sincere, genuine apologies from anyone these days, let alone from a head coach of an NHL team. so major credit to jon cooper for being authentic about the goalie skirt comments, sexism is rampant in our sport and progress is attainable

Hopefully Jon Cooper knows now to think before he speaks. One of the most well-respected figures in the entire NHL, he has continued to show how he can fix his mistakes. The future in Tampa Bay is uncertain, but with Jon Cooper at the helm, it is all but guaranteed they will continue to see success.
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Jon Cooper addresses his controversial comments in new interview
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Jon Cooper gets brutally honest on his controversial sexist comments

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