Paul Bissonnette Recalls a Humorous Sidney Crosby and Jack Johnson Story

Published March 30, 2023 at 5:20 PM

Many young hockey players grew up playing other sports, some play other sports by choice, and some are forced to join teams. This exact scenario happened to Sidney Crosby and Jack Johnson, both players were forced to play a summer sport. The two decided to play on the baseball team.

Crosby and Johnson Played Baseball

Last night, the Penguins played against the Avalanche. During an interview with Bissonnette and Jack Johnson, Bissonnette asked for permission from Johnson to tell the story of the high school baseball experience.

Bissonnette recalled that the incident occurred when Johnson was hit by a pitch, he decided to charge the mound, and attack the pitcher. Johnson reported that he was able to take on the pitcher and the first basemen, while Crosby fought the catcher.

Watch the full story here:

The next day, both players were asked to turn in their uniforms. Things worked out for the two retired baseball players, who each have won Stanley Cup rings. This story does raise one question, what if the pair continued with baseball instead of hockey, would they have made it to the MLB?

As seen on Bladeofsteel - Bissonnette shares the story of Crosby and Johnson being kicked off their high school baseball team
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Paul Bissonnette Recalls a Humorous Sidney Crosby and Jack Johnson Story

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