Sidney Crosby falling on his back during an NHL game against the Montreal Canadiens
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MAJOR: Canadiens Defenseman Nearly Takes Sidney Crosby's Skate To The Face

Published January 27, 2024 at 9:18 PM

The Pittsburgh Penguins hosted the Montreal Canadiens tonight. During the game we nearly saw another tragedy as Sidney Crosby came dangerously close to clipping a Habs player in the face with his skate as he was falling.

Canadiens Defenseman Barely Avoids Serious Injury

The play came as the Penguins were attacking in the Canadiens zone. Kaiden Guhle was defending against Sidney Crosby on the shift, mostly doing a good job. However, toward the end of the shift he got tangled up with the Penguins captain and Crosby fell backwards, swinging his leg by the young defenseman's ear.

Kaiden Guhle always watches Sidney Crosby closely when these two teams meet.

Some solid defensive work here, almost rewarded with a skate to the face.

This isn't even the first time this season Guhle has been involved in a close call like this. He took Elias Lindholm's skate to the face back in November, but luckily it left just a minor cut.

NHL Players Take Neck Protection More Seriously

Plays like these have never really been thought twice about but now players and fans alike are much more aware of the dangers of the sport after former Penguin Adam Johnson passed away earlier this year from a skate cut to the neck playing in the EIHL. Since the tragedy, many players have started to wear neck protection in games.

The NHL has yet to make a rule change regarding protective equipment requirements, but we could see something change over the offseason.

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MAJOR: Canadiens Defenseman Nearly Takes Sidney Crosby's Skate To The Face

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