DeSmiths' Comments Echo in the Locker Room After Recent Loss

Published March 29, 2023 at 1:24 PM

The Pittsburgh Penguins have had several setbacks this season, including a 6-4 home loss to the San Jose Sharks before the All-Star break, a seven-game losing streak in November, and a six-game losing streak the following month. In addition, they have blown several leads in the third period, resulting in the loss of at least one point.

DeSmiths' Comments Echo in the Locker Room After Recent Loss

Casey DeSmith's statement regarding the Pittsburgh Penguins' 7-4 defeat in Detroit on Tuesday was entirely true.

«We didn't miss the playoffs because we lost tonight,»

DeSmith said after the defeat. Despite the loss, the Penguins (with 82 points) still hold the Eastern Conference's second wild-card position, indicating that they still have a chance to make the playoffs.

DeSmith's statement likely implied that Tuesday's loss will not be the sole reason for missing the postseason, as there are still eight games left to play. Should the Penguins fail to qualify for the playoffs for the first time in 17 years, they will undoubtedly be able to identify various other reasons aside from Tuesday's loss. The Florida Panthers, Buffalo Sabres, or Ottawa Senators may also make a push for the final playoff spot. The team has also suffered two losses to Ottawa, a recent come-from-ahead 5-4 defeat to the Montreal Canadiens, and a 5-4 overtime loss to Detroit just after Christmas, despite initially leading 4-0.

Casey DeSmith's statement about Tuesday's loss to Detroit is accurate, as there will likely be other losses and reasons why the Penguins may fail to make the playoffs this season. However, the loss still stings, as the Penguins fought back from a 3-0 deficit and a 4-3 deficit, only to fall behind again 5-4 during a third penalty kill. Another comeback was required, but unfortunately, it did not materialize.

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DeSmiths' Comments Echo in the Locker Room After Recent Loss

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