Snoop Dogg Publicly Criticizes Bettman and the NHL

Julien Trekker
May 4, 2023  (5:33 PM)

A few days ago, we reported that the popular rapper Snoop Dogg showed interest in buying the Ottawa Senators.

SEE: Snoop Dogg Makes a Push to Buy an NHL Team for more details.
He made a big statement, proving his interest to buy the franchise.

Snoop Dogg Reveals the Main Thing Gary Bettman Cannot Do in Pledge to Buy the Senators

Here's what was reported by The Athletic
«They don't know how to market. Like McDavid, he's the number one hockey player in the world. Why doesn't he have commercials everywhere?»

«This ain't no joke or no gimmick. Or an image or likeness play. This is a real ownership play,» said Snoop.

«Once we started talking and building, we formed a plan to partner up and say, ‘Let's do this together. Let's join forces and try and get the Ottawa Senators,'» said Snoop. «We can make a difference in Ottawa and the NHL.»

«I want Ottawa because Ottawa wants me. It's a thriving city. The team is going to make a U-turn once we get ownership,» says Snoop. «The players are inspired. The community is inspired. I felt like this is what Ottawa needs.»

«I love the city. Every time I've come through the city, they've rolled out the red carpet for me. The fans, the city. Everyone. It's been nothing but love,» Snoop says. «When you go around the world as much as I have, there are certain places that stick out in your heart. Everywhere I go in Canada, it's always been love, but there's something about Ottawa. And the opportunity for the team to be bought? It's impeccable timing right now.»

«My role in Ottawa would be a community activist. Finding new ways to be better. Being active, innovative. And being up close and personal with the whole community,» says Snoop. «Any time I'm part of something, I become family. I become connected to it.»

«You will see me at least six times a year. And that's just throwing a number out there,» says Snoop. «If we make the playoffs, you'll see me at least 10 times a year.»

«Canada only has two teams left in the NHL competing for the Stanley Cup. Just imagine if we get this organization. We may have an organization that can win it all,» says Snoop. «I've seen things happen with ownership and how it can change the dynamics of the team and bring a different atmosphere. Make things feel different for the fans who have been down with a team for many years and have had some frustrating years. Anything to bring a fan up is what it's all about. Because sports is a fan-based situation. It should be all about the fans.»

«I've always wanted to do something in hockey with kids,» says Snoop. «Because I never had hockey offered to me as a kid.»

The main point is the direct attack to Gary Bettman about the management of Connor McDavid. Snoop's vision for the NHL is ambitious and it may just work out.
His pledge to the Senators and the city of Ottawa show how serious he is. But the competition will be fierce as Ryan Reynolds is also in the running to buy the team.
Who do you think will end up buying the Sens?
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Snoop Dogg Publicly Criticizes Bettman and the NHL

Who do you think will end up buying the Senators?

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Snoop Dogg2426.4 %
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