Anna Kane reveals embarrassing DM sent to Matthew Tkachuk about Evander Kane

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June 14, 2024  (3:55 PM)

Evander Kane and ex-wife Anna
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As their saga of messy behavior continues, Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane's ex-wife Anna shared an embarrassing message she sent to Matthew Tkachuk of the Florida Panthers.

Evander Kane of the Edmonton Oilers has made a name for himself in the league as being notoriously difficult to work with. His inability to gel with virtually any other player in the NHL left few surprised that he and his now ex-wife filed for divorce.
"Evander Kane is a single man again ... TMZ Sports has learned a judge just ruled he and Anna Kane are officially done."

The two have engaged in messy behavior in the public eye since their split. Amidst their divorce case, Anna had allegedly faked a pregnancy, leading to the player filing for a restraining order and having her removed from games.
"Evander Kane had his ex-wife removed from the Wings-Oilers game last night because he has a restraining order against her.

She may be an all time psycho. Faked a pregnancy. Wore a prego shirt to trick Evander. So psycho he got FULL custody of his kids in Cali.

Anyways. City boys up."

However, the former couple cannot pull themselves away from each other's throats. Anna recently shared a direct message she sent to Florida Panthers forward Matthew Tkachuk on Instagram, who Evander Kane is currently facing off against in the Stanley Cup Finals. In this, she opened the door for another way to get under the Oilers forward's skin.
"If you really want to make him mad, let me know 😜"


This message demonstrates that Anna has not let go of all her issues with her ex-husband. Tkachuk is unlikely to respond provided the nature of the issue and the ongoing postseason.
With the Edmonton Oilers now down 3-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals to the Florida Panthers, Evander Kane probably has much more important things to worry about than a message his ex-wife sent.
Hopefully, he can keep his head in the game. Otherwise, he could be swept with the rest of his team.
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Anna Kane shares awkward direct messages she sent Matthew Tkachuk
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Anna Kane reveals embarrassing DM sent to Matthew Tkachuk about Evander Kane

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