Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers.
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NHL Officials Accused of Bias towards Connor McDavid after recent act

Published January 19, 2024 at 7:45 PM

The Edmonton Oilers have been on a red-hot run as of late, winning 12 straight games, but in their latest win over the Seattle Kraken, fans noticed something very strange.

NHL Officials favouring Connor McDavid?


During the game, fans notice that an official was going to call a penalty, but ultimately decided against it when he saw that the player in question was Oilers captain Connor McDavid.

The ref was about to raise his arm for a holding penalty on McDavid but then just decided 'nahhhh'

From a business perspective, sports league's around the world certainly have reason to favour their biggest stars, as they will make them the most money, but this type of thing was certainly too blatant.

Officiating Issue in the NHL?

This isn't the first time issues have come up with the NHL's officiating, as fans of both teams often feel hard done by after games, and while no team can ever get 100% of their calls correct, this type of occurrence seems to be way too frequent.

Ultimately, fans may need to get used to seeing McDavid get more calls go in his favour, as he has been the best player in the NHL for a number of years now, but going forward, the NHL may need to address the situation if it continues to be this blatant.

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NHL Officials Accused of Bias towards Connor McDavid after recent act

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