Leon Draisaitl Slashed A Referee And Could Face Consequences

Published March 28, 2023 at 11:34

Oilers superstar center Leon Draisaitl is enjoying yet another remarkable season. In 71 games, he scored 45 goals with 67 assists for a total of 112 points, along with 28 power-play goals and 55 power-play points.

During yesterday's game against the Arizona Coyotes, Draisaitl was at the face-off when center Jack Mcbain delivered a subtle spear. In response, Draisaitl swung his stick, but missed Mcbain and accidentally hit the linesman instead. This incident resulted in a 2-minute penalty for Draisaitl.

Possible Consequences for Draisaitl After Accidentally Slashing an Official

It seems that the referee missed Mcbain's initial spear, and Draisaitl never actually made contact with him. Interestingly, less than a minute after this incident, Arizona received a 2-minute penalty for interference.

Currently, Draisaitl is on a fantastic point streak in his last five games, scoring one goal and 11 assists for a total of 12 points. The Oilers are hopeful that he will maintain this momentum as they head into the playoffs, increasing their chances of advancing to the Stanley Cup final.

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As seen on Oilers Daily - Draisaitl May Face Punishment After Slashing an Official
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Leon Draisaitl Slashed A Referee And Could Face Consequences

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