David Jiricek of the Columbus Blue Jackets.
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A 6-foot-4 Right-Handed Defenseman May Soon Request a Trade

Published January 29, 2024 at 11:52

The Columbus Blue Jackets have some incredibly talented young players coming through their system, but for some reason, a few of them just aren't getting the playing time that they believe they have earned.

David Jiricek frustrated with playing time?

One of those players is 6-foot-4 defenseman David Jiricek, who has recently come out and discussed the disappointment he has suffered during his development this season.

"I played good hockey in the NHL. I'm an NHL player right now. That's my opinion, that I should be in the NHL right now. I see guys from the same draft, like Simon Nemec and Korchinski they get a chance on the power play. They play a ton of minutes in the NHL. Those are different teams, so different situations, but I can compare with them. I just want a chance to play like that," said Jiricek.

Jiricek makes some fantastic points here, as other players from his same draft class who may not be as good have gotten more and more opportunities, and while he's only got nine points in 36 NHL games this year, he needs the ice time to show his talents.

Could the former first-round pick be on the move?

While Jiricek is clearly frustrated, the Blue Jackets may look to move some veterans like Ivan Provorov, and if that happens, he may ultimately end up with the opportunities and ice time he feels he deserves.

"They told me the last game was not good enough for me. I told them I don't think so, but that's your opinionI was out of the lineup after that. A whole month now, it feels like I haven't played."

However, given his frustrations and the obvious opportunities that should be given to young players given how Columbus have struggled as a team, it would make sense if the 20-year old would look for a move of his own.

If that does indeed happen, teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs and Edmonton Oilers could certainly be interested, and for now, we will keep our eyes on a very intriguing development in Columbus.

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A 6-foot-4 Right-Handed Defenseman May Soon Request a Trade

Will Jiricek request a trade this season?

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