We Finally Know The Real Reason Behind the Blackhawks' Silence on Corey Perry's Actions

Graham Montgomery
December 1, 2023  (8:26 PM)

The Chicago Blackhawks have been the center of attention from NHL media in recent weeks, and it is not for a good reason. The team recently terminated Corey Perry's contract under mysterious circumstances, leading to wild and inappropriate speculation and rumors spreading around the hockey world. Now we know why the team has been so quiet about the details.

NHL Reporter Cites Legal Reasons For Blackhawks Handling Of Perry Situation

NHL reporter Martin Leclerc recently discussed why the Blackhawks handled Perry's contract termination the way they did. While many fans criticized the organization for a lack of transparency, Leclerc points out that it would have been extremely inappropriate for the team to say anything about the matter to the public before their internal investigation was finalized and the team had made a decision as to how to move forward.
"Many people blame the Blackhawks for their lack of transparency in this story. The problem is that someone was a victim of Perry's unacceptable behavior. And as an employer, Kyle Davidson has the responsibility to protect the anonymity of this victim, even within his organization."

Not only would it be irresponsible, but it could also get the team into legal trouble if they were to release specific details, such as the names of other individuals involved in the incident. Leclerc compared the situation to other industries, pointing out how ridiculous it would be if a company disclosed sensitive information before their investigation was complete.
"If similar allegations occurred in a law firm, a factory, or any other workplace, no employer would disclose the existence of an investigation before it is completed, nor the names of the people involved. That would be downright irresponsible."

Perry's Future In The NHL In Jeopardy

Perry has since released a statement apologizing for his actions and stating an intention to seek professional help for mental health and substance abuse problems.
Corey Perry has released a statement in which he apologized for his recent actions and says he's now taking steps to seek treatment for mental health and alcohol struggles.

Reportedly, teams were interested in Perry's services before the full details of the events were released to the public. It is unclear if that interest is still out there and if Perry would even accept a new job this season.
Regardless, the future of the 38-year-old remains in question.
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We Finally Know The Real Reason Behind the Blackhawks' Silence on Corey Perry's Actions

Will Perry ever play in the NHL again?

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