Chicago Blackhawks Connor Bedard and Former Hart Trophy Winner Corey Perry
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OFFICIAL: Corey Perry's Fate To Be Decided Within The Month

Published January 1, 2024 at 12:07

Corey Perry's time is ticking and he will be forced to decide alongside the NHLPA on whether or not he will file a grievance for wrongful termination.

Former Chicago Blackhawk Corey Perry Will Be Forced To Make A Decision This Month

As the new year turned, the clock on Corey Perry's decision on whether to file a grievance with the NHLPA inched closer. Perry now has less than a month to decide if he wants to file a grievance to get some money back from the Blackhawks.

Two important upcoming dates for Corey Perry:

January 28th: Last day for the NHLPA to file a grievance

March 8th: Must sign a contract by the trade deadline if he wants to compete in the playoffs

Even if Perry decides not to file a grievance, he would still have just over a month to sign a new contract with a different team with hopes of winning another Stanley Cup.

The Latest On Former Hart Trophy Winner Corey Perry And The NHLPA

Nick Kypreos provided the latest update on Corey Perry as he revealed that Perry and the NHLPA currently are undecided on whether or not to file a grievance.

Kypreos also added that there are teams that are considering adding Perry despite his termination. Perry would certainly bring a veteran presence that any contending team could utilize.

Elliotte Friedman last commented on the situation stating that the NHLPA is pushing for a grievance while Perry remains undecided.

"I've written before that the NHLPA did not contest Patrik Berglund's contract termination from Buffalo in 2018 because the player wanted no part of it. Don't know what Corey Perry's decision will be, but there definitely is a push for the union to grieve even if Perry declines. I don't know exact details and have no desire to minimize anything, but there are strong feelings the NHLPA cannot allow this precedent." - Elliotte Friedman

He remains in the NHLPA Player Assistance Program and will require clearance from Gary Bettman if he wants to return to play but has yet to receive clearance.

We will now wait patiently to see what happens with Perry next and whether or not he will play again this season or ever.
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OFFICIAL: Corey Perry's Fate To Be Decided Within The Month

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