Corey Perry Required to Pay Chicago Blackhawks Millions Following Contract Termination

Dawson Mckenzie
December 4, 2023  (10:39)

Corey Perry continues to be in hot water after it was reported that he owes the Chicago Blackhawks over $1 million after being terminated.

Perry Owes Blackhawks Over $1 Million After Termination

The Corey Perry situation seems to get worse for him every day. Since his contract termination, it has now been revealed that he owes the Blackhawks over 1 million dollars.
TSN's Chris Johnston has revealed that due to Perry's signing bonus being half of his contract, and him only playing a quarter of the year, he likely owes the Blackhawks 1 million dollars for their termination of his contract.
"Perry has 60 days to decide if he wants to file a grievance via the NHL Players' Association. The matter remains under review, according to a union spokesman. Should he elect to go that route, it would be an exercise in preserving his earning power."

"Perry is entitled to keep approximately $1 million of his $4 million salary after spending roughly 25 percent of the season on the Blackhawks roster prior to having his contract terminated, which means he technically owes money back to the organization because he received a $2 million signing bonus over the summer."

Perry Could File Grievance With NHLPA And Recoup the Money But Extend the Saga

Perry is in a unique situation now. He does have the right to file a grievance with the NHLPA in order to recoup some of his lost wages from the contract termination. However, doing so would likely prolong the drama around the incident, and would likely result in more details of the incident being revealed.
You have to think, Perry did something bad enough that the team is willing to terminate his contract

The NHLPA hasn't even made a statement saying they have a grievance toward it

How bad is the Perry action that the union isn't stepping in?

Corey Perry has cleared waivers and his contract, if not already, will be terminated shortly by the Blackhawks.

The next question: Will Perry and/or the NHLPA file a grievance? They have 60 days to do so. Per an NHLPA spokesperson, they are currently "reviewing the matter."

Perry will be forced to decide if he wants to continue to drag himself and his family through the mud in order to recoup the money or to pay back the Blackhawks a million dollars.
As seen on Blade of Steel - "Corey Perry Owes the Chicago Blackhawks Money Due to His Termination"
Corey Perry Required to Pay Chicago Blackhawks Millions Following Contract Termination

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