Connor Bedard's Mom Tries to Distance Herself from Corey Perry Rumors

Published November 29, 2023 at 11:39

After a whirlwind week full of speculation and rumors, Connor Bedard's mom has taken action to distance herself from the drama surrounding Corey Perry and his release from the Blackhawks.

Chicago Blackhawks GM Shuts Down Rumors Regarding Perry's Termination

This week has been full of speculation and drama in the Chicago Blackhawks dressing room, with Corey Perry being terminated from the team. Yesterday, Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson addressed the media, shutting down any rumours that the incident involved any other players or their families.

#Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson addresses the ugly and ridiculous internet rumors that surfaced yesterday.

#Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson says he can't reveal any details, says it is a "workplace matter."

«This does not involve any player or their families, and anyone that suggests otherwise is wildly inaccurate and it's frankly disgusting.»

This was obviously terrible for the entire Bedard family to go through, but especially for Bedard's mom Melanie, who was at the forefront of the unfounded rumours for no reason.

Connor Bedard's Mom Deletes Social Media After Terrible Week of Rumors

Despite all of this, Bedard's mother Melanie has distanced herself from the public, deleting her previously active Instagram.


This week would have been tough on the entire Bedard family, and with the rumours put to rest, hopefully, they can move past it. While Bedard will be in the spotlight for years to come, hopefully, this is not something that sticks, and the world moves on past the ridiculous and unfounded rumours.

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Connor Bedard's Mom Tries to Distance Herself from Corey Perry Rumors

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