Chicago Blackhawks Finally Address The Corey Perry Termination During An Informative Press Conference From GM Kyle Davidson

Tyler Ball
November 28, 2023  (6:27 PM)

Today the Chicago Blackhawks finally took the time to address Corey Perry's contract termination and the rumors surrounding the situation.

Davidson Denies All Rumors Surrounding Circumstances Of Perry's Release

Kyle Davidson addressed the media today during an intense press conference meant to clear the air surrounding Corey Perry's leave from the team and reports that his contract is being terminated.
The first point Davidson brought up was that no other player or family member of a player is involved in the situation.
"This does not involve any other players or their family members."

Kyle Davidson clears the rumors on the Corey Perry situation

Davidson would continue to say that anything or anyone that suggests otherwise is wildly inaccurate. Davidson would continue on to give as much information as he could about what did occur.

Davidson Shows Emotion As He Calls The Last 24 Hours Disturbing

Kyle Davidson also was able to address why Perry was asked to leave the team. Although he was unable to give specifics he did say it was a workplace matter.
#Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson says he can't reveal any details, says it is a "workplace matter."

«This does not involve any player or their families, and anyone that suggests otherwise is wildly inaccurate and it's frankly disgusting.»

He would also go on to call the events of the last 24 hours disgusting and admitted they had been wearing on him while emotion clearly shook his voice and face.
Kyle Davidson was emotional, shaken and choking up at times during his 9-minute press conference — particularly about the impact the rumors have had on his star player's family for absolutely no reason.

"Over the last 24 hours, what's gone on has been very disturbing. I feel like I'm wearing it; I'm carrying that. It's tough to see."

Whatever has occurred between Perry and the Blackhawks clearly is having a lasting negative effect on Davidson and potentially other members of the organization. We will not speculate what might have happened but hope that those affected are doing okay and healing.
As more updates come in about the events that led to Perry's dismissal or next steps we will provide them to you.
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Chicago Blackhawks Finally Address The Corey Perry Termination During An Informative Press Conference From GM Kyle Davidson

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