Boston Bruins' Head Coach Jim Montgomery during a press conference for the team.
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Boston Bruins' Coach Fires a Shot At Montreal General Manager Kent Hughes

Published January 22, 2024 at 11:04

In a recent interview, Boston Bruins' Head Coach Jim Montgomery made a pretty bold statement about Montreal Canadiens GM Kent Hughes, one that might surprise you.

Bruins' Head Coach Makes Bold Claim About Canadiens GM Kent Hughes

The Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens have one of the oldest rivalries in sports, both being original six teams. Now, it looks like the rivalry is getting a bit more heated, as former teammates have been added to the franchise' in non-player roles.

That would be Canadiens General Manager Kent Hughes and Bruins Head Coach Jim Montgomery, who were teammates during their time at Cegep de Saint-Laurent Patriotes in the city of Montreal during the 1987–1988 season.

In a recent interview, Montgomery was asked who was the better player during their time together, which he had no hesitation in saying himself.

"Oh even Kent would say it was me," said Montgomery when asked who the better player was.

Rivalries Between Friends Can Cut Deep Adding to Historic Rivalry

Even though this interview and the relationship between Hughes and Montgomery are all fun and games, these types of personal relationships can add an extra level to an existing rivalry, as both will want to win that much more.

the Bruins were able to dominate Montreal in their last matchup, winning handily with a score of 9-4. Their next game isn't until March 14th. We will see if it is still all fun and games at that point in the season when every win matters.

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Boston Bruins' Coach Fires a Shot At Montreal General Manager Kent Hughes

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