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BREAKING: Amazon Makes A Major Move That Affects 12 Different NHL Teams

Published January 17, 2024 at 11:08

In breaking news, Amazon has just made a massive deal that will have significant impacts on 12 different NHL teams. Check out below the major deal they have just cut and how it could impact you.

Amazon Buys Minority Stake in Diamond Sports Group

You may or may not have heard of Diamond Sports Group, but if you are a hockey fan, their business impacts how easily you may watch your favourite team play. Diamond Sports Group is the parent company for Bally Sports and Entertainment, the regional broadcaster for 12 different NHL teams. They recently filed for bankruptcy, leaving the NHL scrambling to figure out how they would broadcast local NHL games.

Now, in a massive deal, Amazon has bought a minority stake in the company. It has been reported that games previously broadcasted on Bally Sports will be moved to Amazon Prime.

Big news this morning that Amazon is acquiring a minority stake in Diamond Sports Group.

The regional sports network filed for bankruptcy last year, putting local media rights for 37 teams across the NBA, MLB, and NHL in jeopardy.

Now, customers can watch games on Amazon Prime.

This is major news for the NHL, as games will become more accessible to a wider audience with Amazon Prime. While the details haven't been released yet, this could make regional games much more accessible from anywhere in the world.

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BREAKING: Amazon Makes A Major Move That Affects 12 Different NHL Teams

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