Three new teams want Jack Eichel

Published October 13, 2021 at 10:39
The Ottawa Senators, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Arizona Coyotes are three prospective trade partners for the Buffalo Sabres, according to Spector's Hockey's Lyle Richardson.

«The Ottawa Senators would be a prime candidate but who knows if cantankerous Senators owner Eugene Melnyk would sign off on this. The Columbus Blue Jackets have lacked a true first-line center for years and also possess the assets to swing a deal. The same goes for the Arizona Coyotes, but they might not be keen to take on that big salary.»

Friedman's latest update in his 32 Thoughts column:

«Everyone's being very careful about this, but word is that there are four or five teams indicating comfort with Eichel's preferred disc replacement. There are legitimate attempts to find a solution, but it's still a challenge. This is a hard deal to make if you're giving up top picks/prospects, and have to wait through the surgery. The good news is that I think everyone realizes it is time to sort this out.»

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