Samuel Girard Makes an Incredible Sacrifice for Struggling Families

Published June 9, 2023 at 8:11 PM
Canadian wildfires have tormented families all over the country, but no province has been affected as much as Quebec.

Samuel Girard, a native of the province has opened up his home to families affected.

Hero Sam Girard

The entire community of Roberval, in the Saguenay region of Quebec, about 7 hours north of Montreal, has opened up to welcome families affected by the wildfires.

Girard in particular has brought in families, solidifying himself as one of the best people in hockey.

With thousands of families in Quebec forced to evacuate due to the ongoing forest fires, Sam Girard opened his home in Roberval to victims of the fires W
Two families, which includes a 14-month old baby are currently staying in his bedroom, with more on the way.
With many of the community centres being filled up, these families would be left with no where else to turn without people like Girard.
H/T CTVMontreal, @avsinsider

What an incredible gesture from the Avalanche defenseman. Samuel Girard is certainly more than just a hockey player.
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Samuel Girard Makes an Incredible Sacrifice for Struggling Families

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