Ryan Reaves Sends a Brutally Honest Message to the Rangers

Published January 11, 2023 at 11:13
The Minnesota Wild acquires Ryan Reaves for a 5th round pick earlier this season.

This game after the New York Rangers began healthy scratching him, despite the elite physical presence he brings.

While he loved New York, he is embracing his role in Minnesota.

He will face the Rangers for this first time since the trade tonight, and reporters have been saying that Reaves requested a trade from the team. Reaves has now clued us in to what really went on:

«That's a half truth and a half lie,» Reaves said of the trade request. «I had been scratched a little bit and I asked what was going on. They said, ‘You're not going to be playing every game.' Then I talked to my agent and he found out that there was a trade that was being worked on for a while already with Minnesota. Once I heard that, well, if you're trying to trade me, I'm not going to stick around just to wait and linger and wait for something else to happen."

«If you're trying to trade me, you don't want me, so then I'm going to push it forward and ask for a trade. But I'm not the one who put it in motion, we'll put it that way," he continued. "I think I've always been honest with my game and with myself to management and coaches. For something like that to be going on and not communicated to me, it was a little frustrating. Left a little bitter taste in my mouth, for sure. It's a business, it is what it is. I ended up somewhere where I'm wanted and I'm happy.»

Reaves equally expressed that he would be willing to fight one of his old teammates

While he may be a big, tough guy, he just wants to be wanted. We will see if this lack of grit affects New York later on this season.

Source: HockeyFeed
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Ryan Reaves Sends a Brutally Honest Message to the Rangers

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