Report: A cup contender team interested in Marc-Andre Fleury

Published October 31, 2021 at 7:44
If the Oilers are a contender and require a proven starter, the Vezina winner may be appealing. The Oilers don't have to commit to him, so it's a win-win situation. Fleury may win and increase his worth. The Oilers would have a playoff performer.

Chicago's request is unclear, assuming they'll move Fleury. First, the Hawks got Fleury for free. They had room for him once the Vegas Golden Knights released him. The failed effort will be considered as a win by Blackhawks management if they win the transaction and gain a few assets. Second, Fleury's age and salary shut out a few teams who could use his services.

Nugent-Bowman said:

«Given Fleury's age (37 in November) and contract status, it shouldn't cost the Oilers a ton to acquire him. However, given their cap constraints (more on that later), they'll need to come close to making the money work. If they're dumping Koskinen in the deal (and, remember, he has a partial no-trade clause, too), they'll almost certainly have to add a sweetener.»

source – ‘Do the Oilers need to trade for a goalie? Is Tyson Barrie movable? Repercussions for Duncan Keith? Mailbag' – Daniel-Nugent-Bowman – The Athletic – 10/30.2021

If I were the Oilers. I would go all in this year!
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