Matthew Knies Opens Up About His Role With the Leafs Next Season

Published June 13, 2023 at 10:36

Knies' Arrival

Matthew Knies surprised a lot of people when he joined the Leafs, especially during the playoffs.

He proved that he's ready to make an impact in the NHL, and it showed in the seven games he played in the post-season tournament.

In a recent interview during Monday's episode of Leafs Morning Take, hosted by Nick Alberga and Jay Rosehill, Knies talked about his role for the upcoming season.

Ready to Face the Challenges

Obviously, coming in a new season has its own challenges. Even if he did well in the past, it doesn't mean he'll have the same success right away.

He knows that it's a lot of work, but his words reflect that he's ready to do it:

"It's tough to say where I'm going to fit in. Obviously, I want to play with their best players but I just have to play my game and it's going to work out. Use my size to my advantage. I just want to fit in well with their systems and getting more comfortable with their practices. Those little things I haven't gotten too familiar with yet."

He knows his strenghts and what he has to improve to be the best player possible.

He'll have to be good if he wants to play on the top six. He seems confident that he can achieve it. If he starts the season in the right conditions, and take on the opportunities when they present themselves, there's no doubt that he can succeed.

You can take a look at the interview in the link below:

As seen on Maple Leafs Insider - Knies discusses where he fits into the Leafs' lineup next season
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Matthew Knies Opens Up About His Role With the Leafs Next Season

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