Major News Regarding the Arizona Coyotes' future

Published June 4, 2023 at 8:28

Major News Regarding the Arizona Coyotes' Future

The Arizona Coyotes have been Gary Bettman's passion project since he became the NHL commissioner. Preferring them over the Atlanta Thrashers, he has shown blatant favoritism towards the Coyotes.

However, the future of the Coyotes has become increasingly uncertain over the past few months.

Potential locations for the franchise, like Salt Lake City and Houston, have been discussed as possible relocation destinations for the Coyotes.

Salt Lake City could be a great destination for the Coyotes, given the success Utah has had with the Jazz, an NBA team.

While Bettman's priority is to keep the Coyotes in Arizona, they may have to consider other locations if they cannot find a suitable place within Arizona to host them.
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Major News Regarding the Arizona Coyotes' future

Is an NHL team is Salt Lake City better than a team in Quebec City?

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