Kyle Dubas Has Found His Ideal GM For Next Season

Published June 10, 2023 at 9:21
Since Kyle Dubas joined the Pittsburgh Penguins, a lot of speculation has been raised as to whom he'd take with him from Toronto.

It looks like the next GM for the Pens will come from the Maple Leafs.

Dubas to Poach from the Leafs

Even if Dubas made it very clear that he'd wait at least until July to name a new General Manager, a candidate is clearly being considered as the most probable to be hired.

As the Leafs recently hired Brad Treliving and Shane Doan, some older employees in the organization could feel like they don't stand a chance to compete with the outside hires.

New Candidate to be GM in Pittsburgh

A good candidate who would be ready for a GM job is the current AGM of the Leafs: Brandon Pridham.

Over the years, he has received many offers, but the Leafs declined every request from the teams to speak with him. The Leafs want to keep him! If someone has what it takes to poach him, it's definitely Kyle Dubas, his former boss.

According to Elliotte Friedman:

"Pittsburgh has made it clear they're going to wait to hire the GM. I think this will take time to unfold. I don't think Doan has anything to do with Pridham. When Brad Treliving made his pitch to be GM, he included the idea of Doan joining him.

I think he wanted Doan there because of the Arizona connection. The Matthews and Knies thing played a role in it. I think with Pridham, Pittsburgh will reach out to talk to him, but the Leafs want to keep him."

Dubas definitely wants Pridham to join the Penguins, but he'll probably need a lot of persuasion to let the Leafs even speak with him.

Do you think Pridham will work in Pittsburgh?

As reported on Maple Leafs Insider - Insider gives update on Brandon Pridham's status as Leafs' AGM
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Kyle Dubas Has Found His Ideal GM For Next Season

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