Keefe gives us an update on Auston Matthews injury

Published October 4, 2021 at 7:05 PM
Toronto wants Matthews ready for the start of the regular season. How is coach Sheldon Keefe's rehabilitation going?

Keefe: "A really good step. He did a lot more today than we were expecting him to, frankly. He wanted to keep going. He felt good. He shot the puck a lot harder today. It was the first time I saw him really leaning into one-timers and such. It was very clear he was feeling good."

Keefe: "I think there would be value in that, but we are not pushing for that or anything like that. When he says he is ready and the medical team says he is ready, he will be in. Whether that is in preseason or if it's game one, we don't know. We are trending in the right direction for sure."

Will he have another 50 goal season? Let us know.

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