Insider Shares Leafs' Stance on Ilya Samsonov

Published June 20, 2023 at 9:22
The goaltending situation in Toronto will be something to monitor closely this summer. Brad Treliving will have some decisions to make about Matt Murray, Ilya Samsonov, and Joseph Woll.

One key factor in the whole equation is Murray.

The Murray Debate

Matt Murray couldn't find his rhythm last season as he spent most of the year on the sidelines, injured. The Leafs might decide to buy him out or trade him.

Either way, chances are that he'll be gone before the start of next season. However, before this happens, Treliving should sign Ilya Samsonov.

Leafs' Stance on Samsonov

Renowned insider Pierre LeBrun reported some crucial information concerning where the Leafs stand vis-a-vis the Russian goalie.

"The Leafs, meanwhile, have shown interest in re-signing pending RFA Ilya Samsonov. As long as both sides can figure out the sweet spot, it looks like he'll be back in Toronto."

Samsonov played an important role in the Leafs' successful end of the season and the playoffs. He'll likely ask for a significant raise. An intriguing comparison has been made.

Experts' estimations give Samsonov a contract in the range of $4M for four years, the same kind of contract as Carter Hart. Both goalies have similar numbers in their careers.

Hart's record is 84-84-26 in five seasons with the Flyers. He also has a save percentage of .906 and a 2.96 GAA.

Samsonov has a 79-32-13 record with a .908 save percentage and a 2.65 GAA in four seasons.

The catch is that Hart played in Philadelphia, and Samsonov played in Washington and Toronto, two strong teams. If the Leafs and Samsonov can find something in that range, a deal should get done soon.

As reported on Maple Leafs Insider - Insider reveals where things stand between the Leafs and one key RFA
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Insider Shares Leafs' Stance on Ilya Samsonov

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