Gary Bettman and the NHL make a decision on Val Nichuskin

Published June 3, 2023 at 7:13 PM
The NHL Decides on Valeri Nichushkin's Future After Reviewing Released Footage.

Gary Bettman and the NHL Make a Decision Regarding Val Nichushkin

During the first round, Valeri Nichushkin took a leave from the Colorado Avalanche due to personal reasons after an intoxicated woman was found in his hotel room. This suspicious event left a significant gap in the Avalanche's top 6, which they couldn't fill, leading to their eventual defeat by the Kraken in seven games.

Today, the NHL announced a decision regarding Nichushkin's future in the league.

Some fans have expressed their disappointment, suggesting that the NHL has not performed due diligence and is merely brushing the incident aside.

While this could be a possibility, the police footage seems to indicate that Nichushkin took all appropriate measures.

The situation undoubtedly presents a lot of gray areas, but for the relief of the Avalanche and their fans, Nichushkin will be returning to them next season.
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Gary Bettman and the NHL make a decision on Val Nichuskin

Is Nichushkin guilty or was this situation overblown?

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