Friedman says Montreal is back in the Jack Eichel mix

Published October 19, 2021 at 4:10 PM
The Montreal Canadiens, according to Friedman's colleague Jeff Marek, may be back in the mix. Friedman asked if GM Marc Bergevin liked Eichel enough to part with a high demanding price on their 32 Thoughts show.

«I will tell you this, I think Montreal has been a team that has at times been involved in this, the one question I kind of been asked is does Bergevin really like him that much to pay what it's going to cost to do it?»

We all know Bergevin's contract expires this summer, and owner Geoff Molson may decide to acquire Eichel.

Is this the reason why Geoff wants to get rid of Bergevin, because he won't pull the trigger on Eichel?

Will we see Montreal pull a huge trade very soon if they keep on losing?

This will be very fun to watch.
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