Friedman Gives a Grim Injury Update Regarding Mark Stone

Published June 16, 2023 at 2:37 PM
A grim update has been given by Elliotte Friedman on the future of Mark Stone. The 31-year-old captain of the Vegas Golden Knights is likely still celebrating winning the Stanley Cup with his teammates just days ago, but it seems his career .will be impacted by his injuries going forward.

A History of Injuries

As many are likely aware, Stone has been dealing with injuries for some time. In fact, it's been years since he's played at least 60 games in a regular season, and he suited up for just 43 in 2022-23 before being sidelined for the remainder of it, and then coming back for the playoffs. According to Friedman, that may become the norm for Stone going forward and "he is likely be in and out of the lineup for the remainder of his career."

While there are more minor injuries Stone has dealt with, the main issue is his back. In May of 2022, Stone, 31, underwent a lumbar discectomy in the hopes of playing on a more consistent basis. It didn't work. In 2023, he had a second back surgery performed by the same doctor that worked with teammate Jack Eichel.

"It's been a hard couple of years, health-wise," Stone said. "When the team started having that success in February, we started getting rolling, it just gives you all the energy to work as hard as you can, get back and be a part of this team." Mark Stone,


While everything was approved by the NHL, many were suspicious of Stone and the Golden Knights, not necessarily because of the injury, but the timing of his return. It was the very first game of the playoffs, when the salary cap no longer counts. While Stone seems to be dealing with legitimate ailments, it will be interesting to see if Vegas continues to use the same formula going forward. It's sure to arouse even more suspicion if that's the way things go down.
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Friedman Gives a Grim Injury Update Regarding Mark Stone

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