Former NHLers likely to fill Blackhawks vacant GM role

Published October 31, 2021 at 11:02
It appears that two names have already been mentioned as prospective contenders to succeed Bowman, both former NHL players. Former NHL goaltender Kevin Weekes and renowned NHL commentator Eddie Olczyk are both former players turned on-air personalities.

From the Toronto Sun:

Eddie Olczyk is the favourite to get the head hockey position with the Blackhawks. The reason, aside from knowing the team, the game and the league, is that Olczyk is hugely popular as a television commentator in Chicago. The Blackhawks need to do something to appease an angry fan base. Another good GM candidate: Broadcaster Kevin Weekes Word is the Hawks are just putting their list of candidates together.

Not sure about these 2 guys, but I am sure they are better than Bowman.

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